Feb 232014
Soaking and cooking dried beans in two hours

Two of my New Year’s Resolutions are to A) Use up old pantry items and B) stop buying so much canned food.  Put these two together, and it meant that I would have to learn to cook dried beans eventually. For years, I’ve had this weird block when it comes to cooking dried beans.  I [...]

Feb 162014
Felted wool dryer balls giveaway!

Make sure to read all the way through this post to enter the giveaway for your own set of three handmade dryer balls! I’m going to assume you’re like me and you use a clothes dryer.  In the summertime, sometimes I use a clothesline.  But Oregon Coast winters are, you know, a little rainy, so [...]

Feb 092014
100,000 pieces of waste brought to you by the Big Game

I’m a HUGE Seahawks fan.  Not a bandwagon fan – a fan who has been brought up loving the often-losing Hawks since I was in diapers.  So you can imagine how excited I was for last Sunday’s Big Game.  I wanted the Seahawks to win, and now that they have, I’m pretty determined to secure [...]

Jan 262014
Composite materials: What they are, why we don’t like them, and how to recycle them

There are a couple of cardinal rules when it comes to living a zero-waste lifestyle.  One of them I’ve not spent much time talking about here, so today is the day to remedy that! Cardinal rule 1: Avoid buy products packaged or made from “composite materials.” A composite material is anything made from a composite, [...]

Jan 192014
A new addition!

“No way you could live zero-waste with kids.” Since the beginning of the Green Garbage Project, I’ve heard this from hundreds of people who are interested in the zero-waste lifestyle but skeptical about applying it to their own lives.  Kiddos, they say, are trash magnets – diapers, wipes, broken toys, dead batteries, old clothes, snack [...]

Jan 122014
Peace Flags and New Beginnings

I’ve been terrible at keeping this blog updated lately.  Being a blogger is a bit of a double-edged sword.  When things are going great in my life, I get to share them here with everyone.  When things are going not-so-great, though, blogging feels a bit like airing my dirty laundry all over the Internet, something [...]

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